Cliff Mautner's Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp - Day 1

Today was amazing.  Just amazing.  

I'm currently taking a workshop with Cliff Mautner, who is an amazing wedding photographer.  I've been wanting to go to his workshop ever since I first found out about it, and that was over a year ago.  I've checked his website and blog every few months to just READ about the workshop, thinking that I'd never be able to save up enough money to go.  It was kind of pathetic actually,  the description of the workshop never really changed or anything, yet I would read and reread it, daydreaming about one day being able to go hahaha!

But the day has finally come.  It's really happening.  I'm really here.

Today was Day 1.  I'm so thankful not only to be in Cliff's presence, but also to be in the presence of so many other awesome photographers, some newer like me, and some who are more experienced.   We're so diverse.. there's people from all over the US, as well as from Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan!  Imagine!  So you KNOW this is THE workshop to go to :)

Cliff really is down to earth.  He'll tell it to you straight.  He's honest.  Sincere.  Practical.  Everything is simple with him.  It was one thing for me to watch some of his videos online to learn - it helped a lot and has gotten me to where I am today.  But it's a whole other thing to be able to learn from him in person.  To pick his brain.  To have him personally critique my images and to offer insight.

Here are some images from today.  I was able to get the exposures right in the camera and just add some contrast or turn it into black and white.  I'm really not big on photoshop and being able to get things right straight out of camera is a big deal for me.  Besides, one quote that stuck with me from today was,  "There's no 'unsuck' filter in Photoshop".  HAHAHAHA!  If only - lol jk!  But I do believe that Photoshop can be used to enhance photographs that already kick butt in the first place :)

Anyway.. here we go!  I'm really looking forward to Day 2!!

"There are no rules. Only good pictures."

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  1. Omgosh! These are insanely good, Ateh tasha!


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